The beginning of it all….

I have always had a passion for all things stationery, from a new pencil case and supplies when school started each September, to browsing endless art shops for different materials to try. In the modern age there is something magical about getting a letter in the post, even if it’s delivered by a postman rather than a Hogwarts owl (I’m still holding on to the hope that a Hogwarts acceptance letter really comes in your 30’s…)

I catch myself stopping at shop windows more often for a beautifully crafted sign than a new handbag on display and scrolling through endless Instagram feeds for wonderful lettering artists (check out the ‘Shout Outs’ section for awesome people to take a look at).

So I started doing it myself, from Christmas and Birthday cards, invites and vouchers, to name cards at my sister’s wedding and a whole suite of wedding stationery for my own big day. I signed up to a bunch of different courses, from modern calligraphy classes, to a letter pressing course over in Iceland (a marvellous country I would very much recommend a visit to)

I studied graphic design and my background is in marketing