About Me

I am a marketing professional by day and a graphic designer, illustrator, letterer of an evening/weekend. I love the mix of roles and the variety it brings to my day. Each brings something to the other role, from thinking creatively about a marketing strategy, to organising a creative brief.

I studied International Marketing at Bournemouth University and have worked as a marketing professional mainly in the B2B industry for the last 10 years, focusing mainly on the technology and textiles sectors. I have led multi-million pound campaigns and developed 360 degree strategies  for global brands as well as small bespoke events for 10 people and comms plans that target just one customer.

Lettering and illustration has always been a passion and I studied design before moving into marketing. From working on the stationary for my own wedding, my sisters and close friends, to invites for family events, greetings cards and posters. Each project allows me to develop my style further and to try new techniques.