Our Wedding

Where do I start? When we met, when we officially started ‘going out’, when he asked me to marry him, or the big day itself? Lets keep it simple and stick to the big day itself shall we, the others can wait for another post I think or we could be here all day.

Saturday, September 24th 2016 was the day that I walked down the aisle at St James the Less – Dorney Court to meet Daniel, in what I had told him would be a trouser suit, but as you can clearly see was a rather large wedding dress (although perhaps I had trouser on underneath…).

It took months of planning, as weddings tend to do and yet for all the planning, everything has a habit of falling into place whether you are militant on the organising front or not. The day started early with hair and make-up along with some slightly nerve wrecking balcony photography

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